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Here is the TRUTH about the LAW

Any abuse of Human Rights or Discrimination of a Disabled Person comes under the (Fed) Discrimination Acts - in particular the (Fed) Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (As Amended 2009 - 2014)

In Queensland there is the Queensland Guide Dogs, Hearing Dogs and Assistance Dogs Act 2009, which at the time of writing this is under review, the outcome will be available around July/August 2014. Other states have other laws, but the overriding act under the Australian Constitution is the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act.

This compilation was prepared on 25 July 2003 taking into account alterations up to Act No. 84 of 1977
Under this Australian Constitution Section 109 "Inconstancy of Laws", meaning that if any law of a State, Territory, Local Government or other law/s with the Australian Commonwealth comes into conflict with a Federal Law, the Federal Law stays supreme over all others. This means that quite a lot of the state laws, however well intentioned, will be subject to the Federal Laws. Hence we adhere to the Federal Disability Discrimination Act 1992/2009/2014

What rights do our trained dogs have in real terms?

As we work with the Federal Laws, our dogs have precisely the same rights as does a Guide Dog.  All Assistance Dogs (ours bear our Trade Mark of Disability Aid Dogs), have the right of entry to any area that the public can go that is not subject to any specific and lawful compliance of special clothes or sterile areas, as in commercial kitchens, operating theatres and such like. In short, if the general public can access an area, you and your trained dog can also enter that area, and it is unlawful for anyone to impose any conditions of entry into those areas because you are accompanied by, or assisted by an Assistance Dog trained by an approved training Organisation. You are protected in law. You have the right to have your trained dog BUT be sensitive in hospitals and restaurants where insisting on your own rights should not be at the expense of other people’s rights.

Can my dog travel on an aircraft (in cabin) with me?

We have a specialised Flight Access Certification Test which is an intense examination for you and your dog to have the entitlement of going on board any Australian flight in cabin. This certification complies with the laws and standards required by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority and Australian Airlines.

To gain this Certification, you will firstly need a fully licenced Disability Aid Dog accredited via our Public Access Test under the Federal Disability Discrimination Act 1992/2013 and hold this licence with us for one year before doing the First Stage of the Flight Access Certification Test. Upon passing this, you will be required to do a 2 hour unbroken flight with a self-assessment on board the plane with your Disability Aid Dog. This second stage of the Flight Access Certification Test will then be investigated by the Officers of Disability Aid Dogs, and will then approve or deny your Certification. Once approved, you will be certified for maximum 5 hour unbroken flight within Australia.

This is an annual test for Flight Certification along with your regular annual Public Access Test.

For more information about Civil Aviation

Who Put These Licence Standards and Programs Into Place? 

We did, after over 20 years of research and development, we have noted mainly European and UK standards and developed them for our laws and Compliance Standards.

We are fully recognised by Australian Airlines and Public Transport (with the exception of the Western Australian Transport Authority as they require local government permits for an assistance dog to operate in that state).

The Picture above speaks a thousand words. When dealing with "PUBLIC ACCESS" as we do, no policy we can administer should ever put anyone in the public arena in danger, even if that chance is 2% - it's still 1.9% too high!

We Care about Public Safety
That means you and your family too!

Unfortunately, some breeds are 'Genetically Programmed' to be fighters and have been found to be potential killers, so often graphically portrayed on television.  These in brief are any of the Staffordshire Bull Terriers (Staffies), or the American Staffie, Pit Bull Terriers, Mastiffs, Akita's, Chow Chow Dogs or crosses thereof, or any other breeds banned or restricted by law.  After many years of trials with different breeds, we have found that the "Small Breeds" are very attractive for those who do not need a big dog.  

But why ban a Staffie?  Often people will own a Staffie for many years without any problem, but it is a fact that Staffies are well know for being anti-social to other dogs and also just seemingly snapping for no apparent reason.  Although we will be critisised by many who have Staffies and the like, we know the potential dangers, so we have placed a blanket ban on the breeds mentioned.

Always remember that our dogs are but domesticated wolves, capable of inflicting horrendous injuries or worse if handled incorrectly.  It is not about what we, as an Organisation think, but the outcomes of much international research - why risk it at all with dogs genetically programed to fight and kill.

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