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Home Therapy Assistance Dog

This is a program designed to assist those who live in Retirement Villages, Strata Title Complexes, or Rental Accommodation and who have a disability with the need for an Assistance Dog, yet only need the Dog At Home.

Often overlooked by our industry, this area of often single and lonely people with a genuine Emotional Disability, too frightened to live alone - and need to have their dog with them, but are not allowed by the rules of the accommodation area they live in.  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Women who have been sexually assaulted, or physically disabled persons who still live at home, but want a dog to alert if they get into trouble. 

Please Note:  These dogs are licensed for Home Use Only and have no rights beyond a pet outside their home. These dogs only need be assessed by their Veterinarian, the handler via a medical statement from their doctor stating their disability. Nearly always, no further training is needed, as the Team does not access public areas other than the home, that are prohibited for dogs.

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Be sure to include your home address, phone number, and a reasonably full/clear overview of your disability and if you have a dog, the breed and age/sex. 

Disability Aid Dog (Assistance Dog)

This classification is the area that most people require, they need a dog to assist in all areas, food areas, shopping towns, medical facilities and more.

There is an extensive training requirement here and it should be made very clear that the main requisite is COMMITMENT. Nothing in life that is worthwhile is easy, although we will assist in any way possible, you need to be ready for at minimum, six months of commitment with YOUR dog.

We do not sell dogs to applicants pre-trained, we also do NOT retain ownership of any dog, we train you to understand your dog and how to train it with our vastly experienced trainers.

disability aid dog with owner

senior with aid dog

The initial course we use is Basic Canine Understanding - to familiarise the prospective handler how to associate with their dog in any public access area.  

Pictured left is a typical Home Therapy Assistance Dog which would be exempt in most cases from these courses, as they have no Public Access except what a normal pet would experience in Accomodation.


So what is this course and how do I pass it?

Basic Canine Understanding has 5 assignments, this lets us know your level of understanding and this is what we work with.  If you find a course like this very intimidating, or you simply cannot do it, don't worry, we are here to help, not to put you through huge amounts of stress. Never forget, when working with us, that we too have "been there", we do understand.  The course is not a Fail or Pass course, it is a vehicle we use to see what we need to do to train you and your dog, as a Program Team.  We train you to train your dog under supervision of our highly trained company team.

We are not your average club or state based Incorporated Body, but a Federal Company licensed to operate under The Australian Securities and Investments Commission and the Australian Taxation Office.  We are not a Charity, but an Australian National Community Service Organisation.

The only qualification we need in any applicant is real commitment ... and of course, a love of their dog. They are so dependent on our love!
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